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Powerline ethernet to EV via charge plug

This looks interesting - look at 4:

"Case 2 shows the remote control of the air-conditioning in the car. Because charged power is very precious, user can cool down the room before leaving the car during summer season. Case3 is the example of data synchronization between entertainment devices such as TV, DVR both the home and Electric Vehicle. Case 4 shows the convenient application for self-diagnostics of the car. When the EV detect problems in the car it sends the maintenance data to the service station of the car dealer through the internet. Case 5 is the feature of messaging service when the charging has been completed."

I might have to spend $50 and stick a powerline ethernet adapter on the charger then connect it to the car somehow. The controller and charger would be the first things to get connected for me, climate control and music sync would have to come later.
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