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A few comparisons of supercharged vs NA reveal some figures:

Mini cooper (NA) 42mpg
Mini cooper S (SC) 32mpg (similar 1.6 Brazilian built 4-pot) Source:

The mercedes range is the only one I can find with lots of supercharged cars, and provides lots of interesting info:

Mercedes C180 (NA) 32MPG
Mercedes C180 Kompressor (SC) 37mpg

Mercedes C230 (NA: 163bhp) 30mpg
Mercedes C230 Kompressor (SC: 192bhp) 34mpg
Mercedes C230 (NA: 201bhp) 30mpg

All I've done here is confused myself!!
58.35 MPG last tank = 127% EPA
49.23 MPG 9 tank average = 107% EPA
66.11 MPG best tank.
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