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Chris D.,

I live in the mid-Peninsula area and rarely drive during regular commute times. The majority of Priuses *I see* are likely not from the other side of the Altamont pass, and may not even be used as commuting vehicles. This morning I ran an errand that took me about 25 minutes (each way). About half was on a freeway (280) where I couldn't see oncoming traffic and was travelling with a group of cars that didn't have much "turnover"--that is, I tended to be with the same cars during the time I was on the freeway (so I didn't see a lot of different cars).

Nevertheless, I counted 15 Prius's on the way to my destination, 17 on the way back. That's one every two minutes or so. This is about what I think I see at other times, although this is the first time I've actually gone to the trouble of counting.

My only point being that they are far from rare, and really are common enough that I wouldn't even call them a novelty any more. In contrast, I only noticed two Hummers (good!), several Porsches, and maybe about the same number of BMWs as Priuses. Again, I recognize that, in my area, the emphasis on being green is likely higher than in other parts of the country, but, on the other hand, it is often the case that things start in California and spread to other parts of the country.

Also, a couple of years ago (I think before Toyota really ramped up production), Priuses were so popular they were selling for several thousand $ above sticker and lead times were a couple of months if you wanted one.

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