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Originally Posted by NachtRitter View Post
What you're describing sounds very similar to what brucey's doing in this thread (different car of course, but same idea): ...
Thanks for the link. I missed your post yesterday as it went on only just before my post and I missed it. I did have a trawl around before posting this topic and had spotted the very same thread. It was a lot to take in at one 'sitting', but I have been back today & am pleased to note the OP also cited GM's BAS system as a bolt-on approach to mild hybridisation.
I have also looked at what RobertSmalls has to say about using a motor-assist.

Originally Posted by Neddy Seagoon View Post
Ever tried to change the thermostat on a Imp?? I had one back in the 70's, great little car but the gear change was a bit iffy. It got to the stage where I could pull the engine out in no time flat, just pulled it out of the back of the car. Also make sure the timing chain is in good nick or you could up up with more bent valves than you could shake a stick at.
Good luck, Neddy.
Hi Neddy (good name!). Luckily I haven't had to change the thermostat yet, but have become quite practised at having the engine/transaxle in and out, much is the pity. Now it looks as if it will have to come out once more to deal with the ongoing battle with rust. I also had problems with gear-change, first down to the hydraulic clutch master cylinder and then a buggered gearbox. There are several ways and means to tighten up the gear selection, but I'll be happy with them just working at all for now!
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