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Originally Posted by ShadeTreeMech View Post
Which is kinda along my train of thought. Block the grill off completely, leave an opening under the bumper for the air draw as needed by the radiator fan, and enjoy the MPG savings, intead of worrying about controlling the variable air flow from the front of the car.

The Honda CRX Del Sol had a very small grille opening under the bumper. What if it had no grille opening and just pulled in air as needed with the rad fan?
in my max i have no opening under the radiator ( under belly pan) so that would not work for me i plan to block half of both the lower openings and go from there. lol i was thinking another advantage to an upper grill block is you could paint on a grill from another company( ie BMW split grill) thought it would be funny now to convince my wife to paint it on

i really did not like the log on here to track mpg so i use a program on my wife's ipod
here are my results from may till now these are full tanks
may 13 20.8
may 24 23.8
jun 11 20.1
jun 27 21.9
jul 7 22.6
jul 29 21.8
aug 13 23.3 ( started hypermiling practice again)
aug 23 30.4 (upper grill block and mud flap deletes, mostly highway)
aug 25 24.9 (back to the city)
sep9 27.1 (461 miles ,half tank in branson, half tank highway)
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