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We tried trouble shooting it some more.

You specified the components that should be checked over the phone with the owner of this board. We checked them. The current sensor read 3.03 volts and you said it should read 3.33V.

One curious item stood out; we gave resistor R4 a voltage measurement and it read 0V. This does not sound like it should be reading this. It was 4.7k ohms as specified, but it has no voltage across it, and therefore no current going through it. I highly doubt it is supposed to operate this way.

We are thinking there is a short somewhere in the board itself; all of the soldering points are good and there are no bridges anywhere.

What do you think it could be?

Well, it turns out that I got a call from the owner of the board as I was typing this. A pulldown resistor that was specified for this board was too high of a value; he replaced it with a lower value and now the controller works.

We will see what happens when he gets his WarP 9" motor back from being rebuilt(failed under warranty) and back in the truck it came from, to let you know how the product works.

If it works as advertised, I will be buying one myself, for a 216V/500A setup in a Triumph GT6 with a race-modified Prestolite. Maybe your controller will be suitable for flying around at 120+.
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