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Yes, I meant to say throttle in place of current sensor.

All of the resistors gave the values demanded from the online schematic when measured(+/- 2%). None of them were faulty.

I'll have to get specifics on which resistor was changed. I was not there when he took it out and replaced it, but with it gone, the error light no longer blinks on and off.

Just how low is the voltage across those resistors supposed to be? The multimeter wouldn't register any voltage at all even on its lowest setting.

On a side note, When I built filters during school, the voltages across the resistive components used were never lower than the mV range, and the passband calculated was oddly enough way off from the measured results, even though the calculations were done correctly. I suppose designing working filters is at least as much trial and error as calculation. The difference between measured and calculated results was always frustrating and made the task of designing filters seem a waste of time, despite the fact that they are ubiquitous in today's electronics.

I can only imagine the effects the stray high frequency signals might have on the throttle, that being said...

Attached are pictures of the board.

While the flash of the camera destroyed the view, when held up to direct light, the rings of the solder points are clearly visible.

There may be a possibility it doesn't like the pot. I believe it is a 0-5.6 kOhm pot, but I don't see why that would make a difference if "no throttle" input is 0 ohms.

It's an interesting problem. Almost everyone else has been able to get this to work except for us using this particular board. Do you have a list of which voltages are supposed to be read along each component? That would certainly aid in trouble shooting it.
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