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Hello I recently put together a control board and talked to you (Paul) over the phone about the yellow error light flashing. I measured the voltage at pin 25 to pin 22 of the preprogrammed atmel which was what you told me it would be 2.5 volts. Then I measured the voltage at pin 23 to pin 22 of the chip and it was a little lower than expected 3.03 volts rather than 3.33 volts. So I changed out R10 to a 10K and R4 to a 4K and still got the blinking light then I put a 6.74K ohm resistor in parallel with the 10K in R10 and now the yellow light just stays on. Is that bad? The voltage at the chip is now 3.35 volts mabye a little more. Now when I turn the pot I am able to turn the motor but the throttle is really abrupt it goes right to about 8.5 volt to the motor from a 12 volt battery. I had all the resistors of the right values in the first place I don't understand why this is happening? For R10 I had a 4.7K and R4 I had a 4.7K.
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