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Need to think about how much work it can do (payload and towing) as a further basis of comparison. Makes no sense to have a 30-mpg truck if it takes two trips. Or, can't carry a payload AND tow a trailer. Etc. Otherwise, why have a truck?

And spend a lot more time comparing new and used. New almost never makes sense from pure dollars and sense. If I paid less for my three year old diesel than you will for a new Ranger, and I average 22 mpg lately (and not less than 19), but can also carry over 2,800#'s in the bed and/or tow a 10k trailer . . . which of our trucks get's "better" fuel mileage? If we both drive 200k to end-of-ownership, which will have cost more, and why? (mine was used with 120k on it at 3-years; so I'll have 320k when you have 200k).

Finance, depreciation, etc are all parts of the equation. As are repairs, maintenance, taxes and insurance. The safety record as well . . nothing out there on the road has the lousy safety record of small pickups (even when adjusting for under 30 drivers).

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