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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
However, as he sometimes says, "my projects are not cost sensitive". hehe.
They should be! The idea behind the open source controller is its affordability, right? Of course, reliability is also a factor... that being said, there probably are cheaper substitutes that will last the life of the controller, however long that may be(at least 2,000 miles so far in some examples).

When I build it, the control board will definitely see what happens when it is abused in a racing environment with 500A at the power board for ~3 minutes straight(that's all the PbA battery will last!). You'll get another data point there. Later on will be an upgrade to 160AH LiFePO4, to test it further...

If you do IGBTs, you should talk to Adam and Jack Bauer. They are the experts.

Snakub knows a bit about them with regard to controller applications as well. The amount of current I want won't be too demanding; his home built controller can output 1600A to the motor, but that was with no over current protection added(hence his need for your open source board)! I'm sure he will set the limit to the max 800A though, which is still plenty for a Netgain 9"(~180 lb-ft).
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