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Swap out the 4004?

Over the weekend I installed a prebuilt (DCB version via another forum member) MPGuino in my car, but couldn't get it to run. The screen wouldn't light up, so I started checking for known voltages (I had built one before). I checked for voltage at the plug, +12VDC (WHEW), I checked all the pins on the screen, all 0VDC, so I figured that power was broken somewhere, and I may be able to bypass/replace parts as needed. I checked power coming into the 4004, +12VDC, and coming out, 0VDC. So I am wondering if the 4004 is dead, and if I should replace it. If so, I plan on cutting it out and soldering a new one in. It is even possible that I have one in my baggy of electronic gadgets I have amassed since I built my first MPGuino, so it **could** be an easy fix (if it turns out that this is the only problem). Suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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