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My two scenarios:

1) My Insight is use primarily for my work commute, which is ~1000 miles per month. I get ~1000 miles per 10 gallon tank, so I fill up about once a month. That fillup usually costs ~$30. My monthly insurance premium for this vehicle is ~$60, meaning I pay DOUBLE for the insurance.

2) My wife's Blazer is used to get the kids to school and back 5 days a week, plus weekend trips. We fill it up (assuming no weekend trips) 4 times per month at ~$45 each, for a total monthly of ~$180. This usually nets ~1000 miles as well. We only have Liability Coverage on it that costs ~$25 per month. This leaves us paying 7 times as much for gas as we are paying for the insurance.

This is the first year that the kids are in school. Before this, the Blazer was driven ~150 miles per month so gas was about even with insurance costs (oh, how I long for school to let out...).
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