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Adding ALDL scanner support to MPGuino

Anyone ever thought of this? Pulling in the 160 baud data from the computer and interpreting its sensor and error code data?

I know it'd be a relatively large undertaking, but with the framework already in place in the MPGuino's code (interrupts and such), I think a lot of the work is already done... electronics won't be too complicated since the whole protocol would be implemented in interrupt instead of using a dedicated serial interface (most ALDL interfaces use a complicated signal-conversion to read the non-standard 160 baud data). I think, at least...

I know code is already pretty tight, but maybe more room can be found in a custom firmware by removing some of the personally-unneeded features like metric values and features for other homebrew MPGuinos (I have a prebuilt one bought just a few weeks ago).

Figure it's worth throwing the idea out there, maybe get some input

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