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Originally Posted by Chris Parrish View Post
What is does is it takes the hydrogen out the water (H2O) through hydrolysis and produces a the hydrogen gas. The gas is channeled to your intake where it goes into the combustion chamber. Now that the hydrogen gas is mixed with the regular air it makes your gas burn more efficient and complete for lack of better word.
You'll meet a lot of sceptics on this one - me included.

It works in theory, but you can never produce enough H2.
Producing it out of water by hydrolysis on the go is quite energy intensive (water being quite a stable molecule) and that electric energy has got to come from somewhere on your car.

I was getting around 30 mph although I didn't document it or anything. I took a trip shortly after and got about 50 mph.
I take it you meant 50mpg ?
It'd be a HUGE leap to go from 30mpg to 50mpg !

Keeping track of you fuel consumption is paramount if you want to have a good idea wether some modification is working or not.

So please enter your care in the Garage and start a fuel log.
Another good place to track your fuel use and other costs is
MPG and Cost Calculator and Tracker -
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