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The questions I posed were rhetorical. I paid less for the truck than for a mini-truck, it will do more work for the same fuel, it will (even used) last easily as long, and will just possibly sell for more at the end. The maintenance, repairs, insurance, etc will be the same or less.

Economy is more than just fuel. And the price of new will pretty much NEVER offset having bought a good used one (even at reduced total miles by owner #2) in terms of fuel. A new refrigerator or A/C system can pay itself off compared to energy used, but a vehicle -- especially a truck -- will not.

A truck is a whole other proposition as many of us have IRS deductible miles. When I take that number away (tax deduction) from the purchase price of the truck I am now down to 4, not 5, figures. And the resale price has flattened out so that my loss there is minimal.

A truck with no deductible miles is one EXPENSIVE vehicle is the way to look at it, I am suggesting.

Same is true for buying another vehicle every 3-7 years, new or used, if not more so.
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