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*facepalm* You screwin' with the newbie's head here? Lol...

Okay, let me draw you a picture.

[car computer..] aldl "data" ------- 160 baud stream of info ------- [ arduino ]
or "ECM" ........] aldl "b" [ --v .. 10k .. v ]
....................] aldl "a" [ --^ resistor ^ ]

Rheeeeleeey not as difficult as it's being made to sound. Add 10k resistor to (separate) A and B pins, get 160 baud stream of data from the computer on the "data" pin (just one pin, grounds to car). There are 8192 baud variants, usually OBDII systems I think, but mine is 160 baud.

You mean you've never played with this stuff before, like, at *all*? =o

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