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Forgot to post the pics from cleaning the carb. Not too many here, wasn't a clean job, and didn't want to mess up my phone.

The first pic is the top opened up. Nothing going on in there, so I wiped it with oil and put it all back together.

The next one is the main jet holder when I pulled it out. Black/green grimey crap on it. The napkin was what quickly wiped off with no solvents or anything.

The last pic is after a quick brush w/ a brass filament brush. I later cleaned the passages with wire and cleaned the carb body with drill bits and 150PSI shop air.. there was literally caked tar-like stuff (like tobacco tar) in the carb air passages. No idea what it was, but this bike definitely sat for more than a year, like the PO was claiming.

The inside of the motor looks cared-for, though, so it's still not bad-off.
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