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Re-attempting Pulse and Glide (with an automatic)

Thanks to newtonsfirstlaw and his pulse and glide spreadsheet. I had given up on the pulse and glide because after several fail attempts I never got better numbers then just my normal style of driving. I figured it was because of the automatic transmission. After plugging in the numbers and studying the fuel maps I decided to give it another try. I've still got a long way to go to perfect the technique. After plugging in the numbers my best pulse comes with an average speed of 40 mph. That is quite a bit higher then I thought and in the previous attempts I was P&G'ing much lower, in the 25 mph range.

Anyway I was really impressed with the results for the first try. From a cold start I was able to do a round trip commute of 48.6 MPG and that was a 52 mile commute in the rain with light and wipers on the whole time and gusty winds. This beats my previous summertime best by almost 1 MPG. In previous attempts I was not aggressive enough on the pulse.

More to follow once I get the technique down.

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