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On-board Battery Charger

As many of you FAS-ers have experienced, my alternator isn't running enough to keep my battery charged. I bought a chager at Harbor Freight, but I don't have the discipline to drag it out every night. My plan is to keep the charger on-board in the engine bay, and have a dedicated length of extension cord that I can simply plug into the nearest exterior outlet when I park in the driveway.

The unit has some stand-offs to keep the fan clear for adequate airflow. Since the fan side of the unit will be facing the inside of the engine bay, I wanted to remove the stand-offs.

Stand-offs coming off.

Relocated indicator lights to be visible from fan-side as they would otherwise be covered when the unit was mounted.

handle removed, lights relocated, stand-offs removed. I'm going to just let it do it's job normally for tonight, and tomorrow find a good spot for it.

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