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T-100 Bonneville/Battle Mountain-trip results

Got home day before yesterday, after 4,181-mile trip out to USFRA' World of Speed at Bonneville Salt Flats,International Human Powered Vehicle Assoc.' Human -powered speed trials at Battle Mountain,Nevada,then on west to Carson City,Nevada for family visit with brother.
The T-100 had its new nose,new drivers-side hood blister fairing,front wheel arch trailing-edge radii and rocker-panel fairings."poco-loco",the boat hull aeroshell finally had the driver-side cab fairing along with new passenger-side window,and new rear windscreen.
The bellypan was missing 2-sections( forward and central) as well as the entire diffuser section.
The boat-tail was not used for this trip.
I was already 6-days late leaving and would have missed all events had I attempted any additional work on the truck.

I broke the trip up into 3-segments,running at 3-different maximum velocities to help construct a 'spectrum' of performance.
The first 2,378 miles were driven at a max velocity of 75-MPH.The worst tank was 28.139 mpg between Battle Mountain and Elko,Nevada.
The best tank was 31.367 mpg between Albuquerque,New Mexico and Lakeside Point,Utah.
Ave. for 2378 miles was 29.671 mpg.
The second round was run at a maximum 65-MPH.The worst tank was 33.019 mpg,the best was 36.036 mpg with an average for 1,142-miles of 33.826 mpg.
The last,and only a single tank was run at a maximum 60-MPH,from Dona Ana,New Mexico to the Gilkison residence just beyond Radium Springs,then back,and over San Augustine Pass,across White Sands,up to Cloudcroft,down across the Caprock,then descending into Denton,Texas; 661-miles at 33.187 mpg.
MPG reflects 36-complete stops along the 661 miles due to stop signs,traffic lights and road construction.
Overall trip average for 4,181 miles was 31.242 mpg.
Worst tank range ( to fuel starvation ) was 675-miles.
Best tank range was 864-miles.
I went through tech inspection at Bonneville and have been given tentative approval to run the T-100 next year at the USFRA World of Speed event.
Also,I have been given conditional approval to run with the trailer as long as I do not exceed 130-MPH.I will post additional info about that at the 'Full-Boat-tail Trailer with Gap-Fillers for T-100' thread.
I forgot to bring my camera with me,so it will be next Saturday before I can post images.Sorry!,my brain is kinda zorched from all the travel.Good to be home!

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