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FalconFour's MPGuino mods

I think they deserve their own thread, although I think the bigger ones (like the ALDL one I plan once I get comfortable with Arduino coding) probably deserve their own thread...

Here's what I've been up to tonight, after getting my Arduino back from a friend

Current list of "gee, wouldn't that be nice to have?" features on my todo list:
- Tank remaining gallons calculated by (tank size - tank gallons) * tank MPG (completed)
- Editor for tank values in memory, for restoring from a power outage from values recorded prior to unplugging (e.g. to recover from the setup menu CPU% timing bug) (still planning that one, LCD manipulation is tough)
- Smartass message/indicator for ultra low instant MPG, high instant MPH delta (flooring it)
- Real-time clock based on cycles, computed from memory value of "current time", set using "tank" method above (implemented, but unable to set the time at the moment due to lack of editor, so it always starts at 12am)

And more posts to follow for each mod, and the associated code.

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