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Bleh, just found out that tank miles isn't working right either. For some reason it flips out once tank MPG != 0.00. I can't figure out how the math is done in this thing. For example, tank capacity is stored as an integer like "10500" by default, but when I throw "format()" at it, it comes out as 10.5, as it should. But values like VSS pulses/mile also come out from format() as "4.00". I can't figure out where the decimal is coming from... or going to. I created a small test function to cycle through every stored parameter during every update, and it gave me some fast-paced but useful insight, such as that I should remove the "/1000" on the tank capacity parameter. But now it explodes in my face after I try to use it.

Needless to say I'm a little confused as to how to handle variables in the MPGuino code. Any tips? :/
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