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Originally Posted by redyaris View Post
Speeking as a Canadian we have nothing to be proud of at the federal level and only one or two provinces out of Ten are doing anything. In Canada like in the US it is the lower levels of government that are doing something. There are municipal governments all over the world that are leading the way to a greener future. look for a book called Carbon Busters, It discribes some interesting stuff.
While I understand that, I also disagree with the thought that the Federal Gov't in any country should be responsible (or depended upon) for any of those legislatures.

You see, initiatives for each province (state in our case) will be different, because each area receives a different percentage of usable environmental energy.

Each province could receive a 10% tax break for using solar energy to offset their carbon use, but at the same time, each province would benefit differently due to their differing exposure to usable sunlight during each portion of the year.

Instead, I believe that we, as citizens of our respective countries, should depend less on legislature at ANY level, and more on ourselves for that proverbial "kick in the pants" to get moving on doing what we can to help.

There's a quote on another site I frequent - "Helmet laws were enacted to prevent injury to those brains without enough good sense to wear one anyway."

Replace "helmet laws" with your choice of words, and it still makes sense.

"Green laws were enacted to enforce an idea that people know they should do, but won't because they're lazy."

Ok, so it's a little different, but you see the point. Why should we depend on people so out of touch with reality stuffed in their marble offices with their redwood desks to make laws regarding what should be done, when we, those in touch with our own areas, could just as simply act on our own accord and "just do it".
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