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Fun list, thanks.

With regard to #33: sometimes there are other clues to the phase of the traffic lights. At night, and sometimes in the day, you can see scattered light on the shielding cowls on the cross lights. Sometimes you can see reflections of the cross lights on nearby signage, and even other cars. My daily commute route has an intersection that is hidden by a crest, so I can't see the traffic lights until I get over the crest. But I can tell what colour they are because I can see the reflected light off bus stop advertising and parked cars.

I am optimising on a different criterion, minimal running cost. This will include maximising my fuel efficiency at times, but it also includes avoiding speeding fines and prolonging brake life. I have a big downhill run on the way home, and I don't like dragging my brakes on it to hold to the speed limit, so I sacrifice some fuel economy by engine braking. Plus the cops often have a speed camera there, so coasting is out.

And I still don't find the parking and orbiting thing very clear. Looks like the aim is to maximize mpg by slightly increasing the distance travelled on fuel already burnt?
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