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options... decisions.


I've decided not to use the USD front end (Ducati GT 1000, inverted forks) that I ordered on this bike. I'll use them on something else. Instead, I'm using the Katana's front end (See "Country Brawler"), with the stock clip-ons but different bars in them.

I'm gonna use the Katana's rearsets as well, and place them low and back on the main frame section. The basic profile here is forward crouch while riding, but I'll have the tank to lay my chest on, so it won't be uncomfortable.

The options come in w/ the seat pan and tank configuration.

I want to keep the classic cafe style of a squarish tank with a rounded seat cowl, level cowl/tank line, long tank and low bars. I also want to hide the wiring and electrical inside a pocket between the seat and tank. This leaves the options as follows:

1. Have someone make a custom tank and pan, aluminum, steel, or even plastic, with a pocket in the tank for everything.

2. Try to find a squarish tank that fits the profile , then cut a section of it and make a compartment big enough to fit the electrics (minimal, by the way). Then make a seat pan and cowl using the cut section of the tank as the front, so they mount flush together.

3. Grab a tank that doesn't fit right, but shim it and raise it off the frame so that it sits level on top, then skin the bottom and put everything behind the skin, then make a seat/cowl that fits properly.

4. ????????

Besides that, I'm using '88 ZX6 wheels with street tires, swapping to hydraulic brakes front and back, and I've got a friend at Custom Fighters sending me a stock muffler from a '99 CBR600 F4 to make a custom undertail or underbody exhaust from. Now that I've made those few decisions, it should start coming back together once I get the oil filters in the mail and get some silly-cone for the engine cover gaskets.
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