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Very first post...this is what im working with.

Hey. I currently have a 2008 Suzuki SX4 Hatchback (the FWD version). Im 18 yrs old and have a VERY heavy foot. After my speeding ticket (94 mph in a PSL of 70 mph) I invested in a nice radar detector and an even lighter foot. When I slowed down (to 80 mph) I noticed my MPG went up from like 22 mpg to 26 mph. Which I was still un happy with. So this weekend I did my first experiment....

I was planning on taking a trip about 100 miles in total to Savannah this weekend. I read some tips from here and learned a lot about driving styles.
My first step was to increase my tire pressure to 42 PSI (the max is 51 PSI COLD), i also shifted into Neutral @ stoplights and was very easy on the gas. On my trip of about 109 miles I averaged 35.47 MPG! Btw, this is in an automatic car. I do carey a large sub box, 2 amps, and a spare tire around all of the time I also have mud flaps...
I did an average speed of 65 mph, about 40 miles of the trip I was behind a big rig which def helped. I ran the whole trip with the A/C off and the windows cracked.
Overall I am very happy with almost 36 mpg from a car that has an EPA rating of 30 mpg. WHAT OTHER TIPS COULD I DO THAT ARE SIMPLE!!!
Examples - is it legal to drive with mirrors folded in, should I increase my tire pressure to 50 PSI, im gonna clean my K&N air filter, Im also going to roll the windows up, I ordered an ULTRA-GUAGE to help me monitor mpg, and what speed is best to run on an interstate with a PSL of 70 mph? I could do 65 mph behind the big rig comfortably...what MPH would my car do best at?


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