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I figured things out...

I had run the wires into a phone jack, then a phone wire to another phone-jack-hookup, that goes to the MPGuino...
I had made good connections to the first phone jack, so I never went back and checked it (plus it was a pain in the butt to get to). I pulled it out this weekend, opened it up, and the VSS wire came shooting out... my "good connection" apparently not so good... I stripped more wire off them and did a good hookup this time, for real (hopefully). I then double checked the wires at the MPGuino, making sure the correct ones went to the correct pins (jacked the car and turned the wheel). I tried it out this morning, and everything seems to be working.
I don't think the flicker on the LCD is a problem, I think it may just be the way the LCD's look.
The MPGuino still won't go to sleep (I have changed it's setting to 3 minutes). Is it possible to just wire in a switch (remove the existing power pin) and turn off the MPGuino's display when I arrive at my destination? I know it will work, I guess my real question is, how much energy does it use turned on (but not running the display) vs. in sleep mode? I know it doesn't take much to run it as it is, but I would hate to have the car not start when I need it...
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