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92 VX CA to Fed conversion gone wrong!

Hello friendly modders,

I have been putting this off for 3 months now, but now I realize I need your help! The mechanics here in CA are dumbfounded and don't understand VTEC-E!

My 92 CA civic VX has been a fun project over the last few years, but I have not been able to get lean burn to work! Here is some history that may help out:

I bought the Civic with 150,000 miles. Shortly after the head blew and the transmission was grinding so I bought a Japanese replacement engine from Nippon Motors in LA. The engine was stamped D15B and the trans was a junkyard vx/cx replacement. I kept the same CA intake manifold and bought a new o2 sensor and p07-A00 (fed) ecm.

After I plugged in the FED ecm the car would stutter horribly and slow with no power to the wheels when the throttle pushed down less than halfway. This happens in 2 - 5th gear, but not in first. I have to give it way more gas to make it jump back to regular driving, and as soon as I shift up, it does the same thing unless I give it way more gas. It is impossible to drive this way. I thought that the ecm might be bad, so I bought another one and it is the same story.

The info from one of the tutorials said that with a 92 CA VX the only thing needed for the conversion is a FED ecm:

I now have the stock CA ecm in there just so I can drive it. Is there something I'm missing? I average about 32-44 mpg with the CA ECM. Please help!

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