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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post
Hey Paul,

If you need help on the drill file and gerbers send your DesignSpark PCB files to me and I'll extract them in the proper format for you.

I can update the Wiki with those new revised gerber files too.

Let me know.

Hey Mark,

Ive been the one working on trying to get the gerbers to work properly, but i really hate Designspark. lol. It is terrible compared to Eagle.

The site I used for PCB's is They cost $2.50 per square inch plus $10 service fee and then shipping. Usually $5.

Here is the link to the requirements for the Drill file. BatchPCB FAQ does my drill file look wrong when I upload

The problem is you cant scale the drill file differently from the board files.

Also, You will need to rename all the files by hand to the correct gerber file extensions. If you check the Wikipedia entry for RS-274X format (format needed for BatchPCB) you can see that each layer is its own file with its own extension. Gerber File - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Designspark names all the files with 1 extension that you set, default being *.gbr.

I will email you the designspark files so you can have a try.

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