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Originally Posted by acropora1981 View Post

My 1999 Suzuki Swift says in the manual to fill the tires too 32 psi, and my front tires have a max of 35 PSI and my rear are around 50 psi.

...What should I fill them too for better fuel economy?
Personally I would never go over the sidewall max. If you want to go over the 35psi you're sidewalls say is max, then get new sidewalls.

Secondly, while we're talking replacing front tyres, always put new tyres on the back (unless you're chaning all 4), regardless of wether the car is FWD, RWD or 4x4. Rear end skids can be fatal, front end skids are much much safer.. unless your name is michael schumacher.

(running 45psi all round on 50psi max sidewalls... oh and my owners manual for my merc says if you pump the tyres up for a max load, you can safely drive after unloading without dropping pressures.. max load pressure at rear is 50% higher than min pressure)
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