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Originally Posted by sawickm View Post

I ran across this Infineon Reference Design for a HEV Inverter (HybridPACK™2) 650V, 800A, 3 phase, 80 KW.

HybridPACK?2 - Infineon Technologies

They sell a complete development kit for only $6000.00

Yep, that's an extensive package including powerstage module, driver boards, caps bank, water plate, GUI interface etc. However, I've seen a bit different pricing, specifically, 3k EUR for the kit, which seems roughly 4.2k USD these days.
Not bad for almost complete 80kW AC inverter.
In fact, there is nothing like that in this price range, if it works as advertised..
Should work with any cheapo ~100V overclocked ACIM, 2nd hand or brand new 90% eff. high end stuff..

I'd like to now more details, especially about the motor routines inside the driving boards, how capable is it, plug&play lol? I gather it's both ACIM and PMSM autoconfig ready, right? Apart from solid, elements protected casing, it needs brake chopper for regen (not included in package) is the sw ready, etc.?

HybridKIT for HybridPACK2™ - Hitex Online-Shop

ps I hope that Paul has read that 96 odd paged .pdf manual/schematics/parts list, should be of great help for his open source AC project.

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