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Originally Posted by adamj12b View Post
WOW, that is just creepy......

Those are the same IGBT's that I sold to paul and he is using. Microchip makes the dsPic chip. They are also using the same dsPIC30F series chip.

Only real difference is the gate drives. Those boards they are using are made by Powerex specific to drive the IGBT's. They are really nice with full protection and single supply input, but that all comes at a price. In quantities of 2 at digikey they are $98 each. Digi-Key - BG2B-5015-ND (Manufacturer - BG2B-5015) They would ensure perfect driving of the modules though and larger ones too.

The control board they use is also a development kit from microchip, that I think is around $700. hahaha. Seriously, my board in quantities of 75 only costs around $5. And for the non-driver parts (which is all the development kit control board includes) it's only around $40-$50 I think. Now if only the driver board (0 to 15v) is sufficiently good, then that would be nice.
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