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Originally Posted by 3-Wheeler View Post
It may not mean much and take this with a grain of salt, but the first night driving home from work on a 60F day, the car registered 95 mpg under the normal driving conditions. This was about 10 mpg better than normal over the same 33 mile route.
That would work out to be around 12 % improvement, realizing that your data is quite preliminary right now. If indeed the improvement is 10-15% then that is going to make lean burn cruising at realistic speeds possible!

Will you be trying some tuft testing before real winter sets in up there? The reason I bring this up is that you might want to see some initial "flow" data before you actually put the finishing coats of paint on the extension. That way, you could make minor improvements to the bottom of the extension, which will likely be the most challenging part. Just thinking out loud ;-)

Great work!

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