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Originally Posted by Weather Spotter View Post
Fixed options like trains (or even buses) can not handle the diverse needs of most Americans.
The trouble is everything americans do is classified as a need, (I see phone and internet as a need, a bit of distortion there) I would argue that the "diverseness" is actually not the cause of why trains are unworkable but a symptom of trains and public transport not being present in recent history and VERY POOR or non-existant community planning. (and very poor random driving behaviors of most americans reacting to, oops we are out of... type situations)

If work, school related activities, home and businesses would be properly schedualed and positioned within communities and people would participate in those activities REASONABLY (as most americans can not seem to do) Travel routes would be more predictable, life would be less stressfull and local public transport would work.

We were there for one reason or another PRE-1940 for some reason we became incapable of randomly forming functional non-car communities after that.

That isn't to say all americans could use public transport all the time but MOST americans live in areas where it could work much of the time, the rest in rural areas are stuck. Odd part is my farmer relatives years ago, rarely went to town and rarely drove anywhere, a bit of our self sufficient nature went down the tubes.

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