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Originally Posted by 3-Wheeler View Post
I have had issues glueing two thinner boards together to make a thicker board, so maybe my technique is not the best, but I use a thin layer of resin to bond them together, after sanding both surfaces to clear-off the shiny finish. The subpar adhesion has shown up where the two layers get sanded down and "feathered", and then I discover that the bonding process is suspect.

Jim, just a thought. Perhaps it would be easier and produce a better final smoothness to conceed some roughness in the fiberglass layer and then smooth with Bondo. From my experience with "shade tree" repairs of race cars, Bondo works easily and produces very smooth finishes - when done correctly. It also adhers tightly to fiberglass. You can create a very nice smoothing tool by wrapping an 8.5x11 piece of sandpaper around a finished 1x4 piece of wood (actually 3.5X.75 finished) and stapleing along an edge. The long length prevents dips in the finish and acts like a plane tool. Since you are using very little Bondo, the weight addition is minimal.

Since the Bondo would be completely sealed from the back, you would not experience the bubbling sometimes seen on normal fender or rust repairs.

Jim E.
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