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Originally Posted by jyanof View Post
I have some questions, if you don't mind me asking...

- Are those the 'flyback' diodes on the right side along the bend of the copper wire?
- Are there any input capacitors?
- Are the mosfet legs structural? (as in, supporting the heavy gauge copper wire)
They are actually 200V zener diodes that act as flybacks when drain voltage goes less than source (ground) but also act as voltage limiters to protect my 300V mosfets.

No there are no input capacitors. I will probably place some input capacitors across the battery terminals. I didn't see a need for them taking up space in my controller. The only real purpose I can see they serve is to protect the battery from rapid discharge current and prolong its life. They are not absolutely necessary in all systems, in my opinion.

Yes, the mosfets are holding up the heavy gauge copper wire but I intend to put some insulated bracing to hold the copper wire to help prevent the leads from being broken off.

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