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Princeton, say 500 amps is going through the mosfets. Now, let's say they INSTANTANEOUSLY turn off. 500 amps INSTANTANEOUSLY stops flowing through the mosfets and has to go somewhere. Current has momentum.
INSTANTANEOUSLY (well, almost instantaneously) starts flowing through the diodes. 500 amps through the diodes.

It's like trying to stop Oprah from running to a chocolate cake. She can ONLY be redirected. NOT stopped. So, she gets redirected through the diode instead. A "cookie" if you will. That keeps her happy. Then when the "mosfets" turn on again, meaning the refrigerator opens again, she starts racing toward her ultimate goal of the cake again. The cookies could only hold her off temporarily. In the mean time, the cookies have to take the full brunt of her snarfing.

Now, if there could be some way of adding a diarrhetic to the cookie, it could help Oprah keep off some of the weight during the times where there is a very low duty cycle (and thus excessive cookie snarfing).
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