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I challenge the idea that most cars work fine with it. I think far far more cars "don't" work fine with it and people are just "paying" it not even realizing it. How many people besides us nut jobs check their FE every tank? not many would be my guess.

how many people replace fuel pumps never even guessing its the fuel that did it? how many people pay more and more in gas and just "assume" this is normal just "assume" its an old car that must be why (I have NEVER had age of a car determine fuel economy. Ever.) a properly maintained car will run as well at 300,000 miles as it will at 100,000 miles.

With enough work fixing the system is possible and it the CORRECT course of action. I am tired of paying more and more money to oil companies and foreign nations. Ethanol makes me spend even more money to them.

and buying a "new" car is not an option even a used new car. I get better FE than a prius.

besides a prius or other super expensive hybrid there is no other car that can touch a metro. so what are my options?

now IF I can "modify" my car (I can't call it fix unless you can show me something broken) to run better on E10. FINE I am 100% for that. Tell me how or at least get me started on how and don't say put a $800 ignition system in it.