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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
The newer version of my engine passes EURO 4 emissions standards, while mine was designed for EURO 3.
The 2005 1.6L PSA HDi as fitted to my V50 actually meets Euro 5 values with a DPF.
Too bad it was only officially registered as Euro 4

Today I'll ask the mechanic if he can install an EGR/coolant heat exchanger from the newer model while he's fooling around with the engine.
Does it require ECU inputs (did you see wiring running to/from it ?) , or is it working all the time ?
If it's always-on, it may be possible - wether it'd pay for itself is another matter.

Adding a DPF is out of the question, until a retrofit kit produced.
Non-regulated DPFs are not very effective.

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