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Code P0420 is a code for Catalyst efficiency. The computer is seeing the post Catalytic converter o2 sensor having too much activity. The Cat. should be cleaning the exaust of Hc, co, and Nox. The post cat o2 will read the o2 content in the exhaust and if it moves up and down too much or to high and low, the computer interperates that as the cat not ridding the exhaust of it's pollutants. This indicates that the converter is unable to preform properly. The problem could be a bad cat, o2 sensor (Pre- and/or post cat)or o2 sensor wires, or an air fuel mixture problem that has caused the cat to fail. Many other engine operating system failures can cause the converter to not work properly.

(your could be running to rich, if i was you i'd move to nz where you dont need a cat , i've never had a cat converter in any of my cars haha theyre just extra weight to me)

oh and get some better spark plug wires, i use eagle leads but bosch ones have very low resistnace, 8mm at least
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