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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
I never could figure out why car manufacturers just don't give us the whole enchallada at least once, can't figure out why no one would want a "Unique" car either. I love odd cars I must be alone in that belief.

I would be in 7th heaven driving a 100mpg bullet car to work
As a first gen Insight owner for a while, the answer to your question is sales. No manufacturer wants to design, manufacturer and market a car for a niche market. I think that the Insight was considered a commercial failure, though Honda's "experiment" allowed a few of us to get something close to perfect into our hands. There is also a pretty small market for non-sports two seaters. Compare the sales of the 4-5 passenger Metro with the 2 passenger Insight of the same engine size. The Metro sold much better.

I'm a bit surprised that it "only" got 100mpg. A car of that type should have done better, but I suppose the electronic engine control of the day was pretty primitive. Doubt that there was any lean burn capability.
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