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meh. SUVs have so many things wrong with them.

-Immense use of resources in construction (that weight is primarily metal, which there are limited amounts of).

-Barn door-like frontal area, that an improved Cd can only go part way to fix.

-Weight that will cause extra losses during braking, even hybrid technology will not recover all of it. And also rolling resistance scales with weight.

-Increased danger in accidents to other, more responsible road users, due to immense mass. Go play GTA and run your hummer into a few bikes and small cars and see what happens, the physics models (collisions) are pretty realistic in terms of momentum conservation.

-they contribute irresponsible vehicles to the used car market. Most cars on the road will wind up being used far longer than the original owner uses them. Since it is people who aren't price sensitive buying new vehicles, their buying preferences dictate what everyone else will be driving in years to come, and this cost isn't shouldered by the original buyer.

Overall, this is bad, bad, bad, bad, bad, and a hybrid drive train is just greenwashing.
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