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Originally Posted by bestclimb View Post
a radiator hose is a good idea for a couple reasons 1 it gives you heat immediately for clearer windows. 2 good circulation of heat in the engine. (Get one with a pump as your thermostat will be closed and prevent the warmed coolant from circulating well)

Magnetic ones are annoying, buy some high temp silicone and a heat pad. clean the bottom of your oil pan and apply silicone to the pad apply pad to oil pan and go to bed.
I have too many projects at the moment, especially with a new 1920s house that I'm trying to get ready for winter (talk about ecomods, how many 90 year old homes have a 91% efficient combination natural gas boiler/tankless hot water heater?). As a result, I'm really down to evenings after work as my tinkering time, which means doing the lower radiator hose is several weeks away (next weekend is deer season for me, the following weekend we're putting in a new fence, there's new windows to install...). That's a weekend project since it demands a cold radiator to work with.

That bumped up my priority on the kill switch and oil pan heater. Why is it you say the magnetic heaters are annoying? Did you have to take yours off every time? Did it fall off? I like your suggestion of the heating pad, but what are the advantages? Why not glue or silicone on a block heater?

I haven't had my car off the ground yet, but in my grill block project I discovered the entire front of the engine is pretty sealed on the under side. I need to pull body clips just to access the radiator hose. I'm not sure what kind of access I have yet, but want to keep options open until I see what I have (in otherwords, it's going to be a two step process: access and assess, and then buy what I need. For all I know, one option or the other may be out and I'd like to have as much information going in as possible going in.
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