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Originally Posted by jamesqf
They used the same scheme where I lived in Switzerland. I don't really like it: while it might cut down the amount thrown out, it also means you have to buy the special bags and throw THEM away - and I've never really gotten my head around the idea of buying ordinary plastic trash bags.
I completely agree. There are better ways, but I still feel like the incentivization of reducing waste in this way outweighs the negative benefit of still using garbage bags. Baby steps for the sheeple. Do you have any insights on alternatives? I don't think "we" are realistically prepared for an alternative to using trash bags.... maybe compostable trash bags could be a start though - make 'em out of corn and keep using food for things other than food (like satiating our garbage guilt) while over a billion people are euphemistically referred to as hungry. I digress. At least we're thinking globally and acting locally here I hope

Out of curiosity, where in Switzerland was this? They had a very interesting system where I visited in Switzerland (Sion, Valais). Garbage/recycling was brought to centralized locations in neighborhoods and deposited into large vessels or dumpsters, separated by material type. One could easily see the impossibility of implementing a system like this in the US, but where (I assume) there is only ONE choice of garbage collection in Switz that everyone foots the bill for, you can see the benefit to reducing the number of garbage and recycling collection points.
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