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Originally Posted by newtonsfirstlaw View Post
Lazarus: I just remembered that auto trans losses are about 8% (from memory). If you have a torque lockup converter this complicates things, because the TLC has nearly no losses.

I'm not sure whether the auto in neutral is comparable to the manual in neutral, so I don't know what the difference is (if any) in the glide phase. Again, check whether this will wear out your trans, in some cars it can.

However, most autos these days have a lockup converter, which means that at cruising and near cruising loads, the lockup converter will engage eliminating the 8% losses. Whether you can accelerate at 62% of BMEP or not is another thing. However, Even given these 8% losses, you might still be better off P&Ging. You'd have to calculate your constant velocity fuel economy and compare.

But glad things are working out for you.
Yes it does have a lock up converter. I don't know about the 62% but the max torque happens about 3200 rpm and that seem to work well for the acceleration portion. I was really surprised about the results of todays run and will work on the technique and see how it works out. I glide in N engine on and don't think that will hurt the transmission. It engages smoothly. I appreciate the hard work that went into the spreadsheet. Now if you could do one for lazy americans.
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