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Terceleporter - '96 Toyota Tercel STD
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Terceleporter Update

Just an update on my 1996 Tercel. Nothing groundbreaking. My 90 day is something like 53 mpg at the time of posting, but sliding fast due to weather and (probably) winter gas in my area.

Here is the Terceleporter as it appeared yesterday.

And a rear view of a rear wheel skirt.

I've done all the low hanging fruit mods. I've deleted AC, power steering, passenger seat, and all kinds of trim and soundproofing. The rear skirts are stainless steel mounted with the common (on this site) L-bracket attachment method. I've gone to synthetic motor oil and transmission gear oil. I recently purchased an Ultra-gauge. LED running lights and low-wattage headlamps are installed. I've been quite diligent with maintenance despite my natural bent to the contrary.

Hypermiling has become deeply ingrained. I almost have to close my eyes when riding with other drivers.

For 5th gen Tercel owners:
1) My car is a 1996 Tercel STD with the c141 manual transmission.
2) My car has responded very well to the upper grille block, accessory belt removal, and high tire pressures.
3) My car has proven very sensitive to overheating with a lower grille block. I'm still working on the lower grille block to find the ideal minimal opening.
4) If you have instrumentation, you might try climbing hills as close to 60% engine load as possible. This seems to yield the best mpg for me. I can sometimes maintain 45 mpg uphill at a steady 55-58 mph.
5) If you go to LED running lights, your turn signals will become much faster. You will have to get an aftermarket flasher if you want the normal rate back. The recommended unit on is not a direct replacement for ours. I was able to make it work by making a tiny "wiring harness."
6) I feel that I have hit a wall at the mid 50's. I would love to hear if someone has a DX with the c151 transmission and does better. I think the 4 speed in my car is a major limitation at this point.

I'm working on front skirts right now, but I'm not really motivated. I didn't see much improvement from the rear.

I'd love to partial boat tail my Tercel, but I can't honestly see it happening anytime soon. I would need a large, heated workspace to even consider it. The same goes for under body paneling. Although if I find a large piece of appropriate material for free, that might tip the scales.

I believe the only remaining significant improvement would be to source a c151 transmission from a Tercel DX and fit it with the differential from a c141. I've already got my eye on two DX's at local salvage yards.

Speaking of which, did you have any luck with this Daox?

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