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Originally Posted by talldudenumber5 View Post
another missouri driver. i know at least here in branson the hills plague my mpg. my wifes 07 malibu with the 2.2 ecotec gets around 25 city mostly. the improvements will be most noticeable at high way speeds wich my guess you do not get alot. i am moving to jefferson city in january and maybe we can get together and brainstorm. my maxima (3L v6 sedan) has had only free mods so far and i have seen 30+ mpg tanks several times
Yeah, when you get to town just let me know and we can get together. Here in town I can get my gas at about $1 less per gallon than the average guy, because of a trick I know. It will work most anywhere in the USA, but I can't vouch for the actual prices at the pump for all areas. It was $1.50 for me last week. It will work for you too I believe... we will just have to chat about it. Overall my wife and I are saving more than $340 per month on everything from utility bills to gas to groceries.... it is like getting an extra paycheck we did not work for.

I am all about saving $. I use solar heating for my home when I can, and am doing other things to help save while remaining modern and comfortable. This subject of mileage is just another avenue to consider.
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