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The microcontroller plays no role whatsoever in the overcurrent protection. It's a simple NAND circuit. Were you using a LEM HASS 300-S? Was it on M-? Was it facing the right direction? Overcurrent protection will not work at all if the correct current sensor isn't hooked up correctly. For the light not to be blinking just means the LEM at zero current outputs about 2.5v, and that throttle is in 0-5k range. It says nothing about if the LEM is pointing the right direction, or is on B+ instead of M-, or ... If everything to do with the current sensor was all correct, then another possibility is that there was a bad NAND chip, or there was a soldering problem with the nand. It also has to be a 74hc00 type of NAND. The overcurrent protection circuit is really pretty simple, and acts fast.
Can you post a picture of the soldering for the control board and how the LEM was hooked up, and the connection to the control board for the LEM?
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