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Want to consider an idea from far left field - how about an inflatable tail?

Make it out of clear plastic and the taillights can stay where they are and you will be able to see back through it, at least until it gets dirty. The weight would be negligible. Place a small reversible pump on the hatch, and run the control wire into the cabin and you can pump it up or down as needed. If you make an inner structure out of sealed tubes it could support an unpressurized outer sheath, and then the volume of air needed to open and close it would not be very large. Tubes would probably provide more control over its shape. Of course, your car is going to look like it has a large used condom on the back when the thing is deflated, and it might look, um, suggestive, as it pumps up. Unlike a fixed tail, this would let you still park in a relatively short space, one only a little longer than the car currently fits into.
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