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The Audi A2 is probably the best car America never got. I would love to have an A2 in my garage, parked next to the Insight, with one of them converted to EV.

Obviously, the defining feature of this EV is its battery. 115KWh is enormous. It's also probably over 2000lbs of battery, which would be more than the weight of the rest of the car. Hence the rather poor showing of 253Wh/mi at the battery at 55mph. If they had used cheap LiFePO4 cells, it would still cost over $50k for the batteries alone. Such a car can never be a daily driver.

That claim of charging a 115KWh battery in six minutes should raise more than one red flag. That would require an average charge rate of 1.15 Megawatts! The article also didn't mention how long the batteries would last if you applied such enormous current to them every day.

It's a nifty record car, but they should have added a boat tail and shot for 500mi.

At some point, adding more battery reduces your range by increasing rolling resistance. I wonder how close this car was to that point.
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